About us page - three iconic images of daylilies, photo of Juanita Sims, with background of glass nuggets.
About the patterns

All of the patterns for sale on this web site have been taken for a 'test drive.' In other words, I have built a finished stained glass window from every one. This allows me to discover and correct any anomalies that were not foreseen in the design stage but became apparent during construction. Examples might include: a tiny piece in the design that looked good on paper but by the time it was cut, foiled and soldered into the window, it disappeared; or a piece of glass so narrow that it repeatedly broke as it was scored – time to add a line to the design (or buy a glass saw). In other words, I make sure the pattern works before I sell it to you. And because there’s a real window for every pattern, I can share a colour photograph of the finished project.


About Sunlight Studio

Memories of childhood include countless hours spent wandering the fields and ravine behind our home... navigating a sea of grass taller than I was; liberating the seeds of sticky milkweed pods; investigating the shoreline of tiny meandering streams under puffy willow trees – surprising sun-warmed frogs; inspecting flora and listening to birds call one another.

Post-secondary education focused on visual arts, fine art and graphic design. I entered the workforce designing annual reports and business cards.

A friend suggested an evening stained glass course. In 1995, with the help of my husband, I started publishing and distributing pattern books of my stained glass designs throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. Eight titles in total. The books proved popular and sold well. Eventually however, for a variety of reasons – the cost of paper, gasoline and brokerage among them – it became less feasible to print and export stained glass pattern books. I wondered if selling patterns online might one day be an alternative.

Currently, I practice page layout and graphic design for a local publication at night and work on my stained glass by day. Any spare time takes me into my backyard garden where all that remains of a once expansive carpet of lawn is a winding footpath through mass plantings of echinacea, beardtongue, iris, rudbeckia, yarrow, speedwell, sedum, helianthus, ornamental grass and more than 300 daylily cultivars (hemerocallis). The birdbath is a busy place! Most of the flower photos used on this web site were taken in my backyard.

In 2006 I entered several large art windows into London’s Visual Fringe art show (London Ontario). It was the realization of a dream long overdue – a desire to work large with total creative, experimental freedom. I was surprised, to say the least, to be awarded best of show. After that I started to give serious thought and effort to a web site for Sunlight Studio. It has been years of preparation, study, experimentation and discussion but we are finally here.

I have many people to thank for their encouragement and support, without whom I would never have made it past Book One. Among them are: my beloved husband Norman, deceased, who helped so much in the early days; my charming and terribly funny sister Carmen, who made many hours of foiling great fun; my kind and gracious mother, who collated patterns for miles around our dining room table; and of course, Lionel, the wonderful man in my life without whose hard work and constant support (I did not say nagging) this web site would never have happened.